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It's been a while since the last article in this series. Sorry, we've been very busy getting the public beta out, updating documentations and also getting the web site to provide our customers with more functionality.

But back to the topic. Web Applications are scripted HTML based solutions running directly on the nxserver. You can install as many such applications as you want onto as many ports as you want.

The remote server administration (from public beta 2 onwards) provides a neat user interface for loading/unloading and activating/deactivating such applications.

Just a short note that we've just done a massive content update of the website. We've now integrated the latest draft of the NexusDB V3 manual which has more than 100 new topics, more than 300 topic updates so far and now additionally integrates the class reference which in itself consists of over 2500 topic entries.

I've recently received a question about how fulltext indices work in NexusDB.

Now that NexusRemoting is generally available as part of NexusDB V3 Public Beta 1 I'll demonstrate how everything comes together in a simple example.

NexusDB V3 beta 2 is now available.

We've had lots of questions lately regarding running NexusDB on a Linux machine. It seems that more and more companies and organisations want to run their servers on Linux instead of a Windows OS. We got to a point where we thought it to be useful to create our own very simple mini distro of Linux called Nexux :)

Just like probably anyone else I'm fighting with the spam disease :(

Even though the filters in place (Outlook's own, Mailenable server based) are doing a reasonable good job, sometimes a false positive occurs. Now that wouldn't be a big issue if that spam folder was only a few messages per day. As matter of fact though it's growing almost daily and I now get in excess of 4000 spam messages every single day, thus it became practically impossible to identify false positives by sifting through the list.

Please note: This article contains old NexusDB V3 beta information and might contain outdated, wrong or misleading information.

As most of our customers know from comments on the newsgroup, we have a test application in place which is able to run thousands of fully independent SQL and Pascal scripts. The application has manual and batch modes. The first we use for debugging purposes, the second is run automatically with different test configurations on a regular base to keep regressions at bay.

Yes, you read right. I'm off for a "whopping" two weeks of holidays to India (why is it always the others that can go for 3 months???).

It's the first time I will be away from the company for more than an extended weekend (longest was 4 1/2 days for my "honeymoon") since more than 7 years.

It's the first time I'll go on a real holiday with my wife Mita.

It's the first time I'm going to India. Visiting Mumbai, Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Ranthambore.

We have just added a brand new section to our Website: the NexusDB Depot, which you always find quickly in the community menu on the left.


The Depot was created to provide an ever growing repository of examples, extensions and tools for NexusDB users. The best part about it is, that EVERYONE registered on our site can post his/her own small "projects" and share them with others.

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