Besides the interactive definition of parameters the utilities support command line parameters. These can either been added explicitly to the program calls or implicitly via a configuration file.

ff2nx @ff2nx_parameters.txt

The parameter "auto" switches each specific importer to batch mode. The parameter "nowait" removes the need to leave the programs by pressing a button and allows the usage of the utilities as part of an installation script. Thus the following calls can be used in case of simple conversions.

ff2nx "-fd=<Directory containing the FlashFiler tables>" "-nd=<Directory containing the Nexus tables>" -auto –nowait

bde2nx  "-ba=<BDE Alias>" "-nd=<Directory containing the Nexus tables>" -auto –nowait

If a parameter which does not allow more than one value is used the last definition wins. The configuration files created by the utilities always set the auto and the nowait parameter to false. For an automatic run the files have to be patched or the auto and nowait parameters have to be set again after the introduction of the parameter file. The created configuration files are documented and are considered as description of the possible parameters.

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