The properties and events listed below are used in most of the components with essentially the same meaning (with only slight variations for some components).

Most of the NexusDB components are state components. Consequently, nearly all have the category and display name properties and the state events listed below.

Key Properties


Component's Active property will be set to this value at design time under the IDE.  For the TnxServerEngine component only, if this is set to true, then it will be set temporarily to false if the app is run under the IDE.


Component's Active property will be set to this value at runtime.


Used by the nxServer interface to show where in the tree-view to put the component.  (See nxServer.exe)


This is the name to be used in the tree-view for this component.


Enables/disables the component.


Connects to a TnxEventLog.  Log events will be written to the file specified in the attached TnxEventLog component.


Enables/disables the writing of log information if a TnxEventLog component is attached.


You would rarely use these state events. They are included here merely so that you are aware of them and that you should not, in the normal course of a project, need to hook into them.  Certainly only for the most advanced of users.


Allows you to hook into when the State Engine of the component has changed.


Allows the user to hook even deeper into the actual change in a state transition.

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