All examples use the Northwind sample database.

The SQL script to create the database is installed in the \<install directory>\Sample Databases subfolder of your NexusDB installation, please locate the Northwind.sql file there.

Create the database

Here's a step by step guide how you can run the SQL script from Enterprise manager.

Create a new directory which will later hold the tables
If you've downloaded from the webpage, unzip all files to this directory
Open NexusDB Enterprise Manager
Right click the Internal Server node in the left hand servers window
Select New Database Alias from the popup menu
Enter the new alias name (Northwind) and point it to the above directory. NOTE: The SQL script expects the alias name to be Northwind. If you use a different alias name, the script will fail!
Right click the newly added alias
Select SQL in the popup menu and the SQL window opens on the right hand side
Press CTRL-O or select Query/Open from the main menu
Navigate to the above directory and select the Northwind.sql file
Press CTRL-E or select Query/Execute to run the script. This can take a few seconds.

That's it. You have setup the full example database and it is ready for use.

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