By default NexusDB V2 does not encrypt tables and the Encryption engine combo box will thus be empty.


Selecting the nx1xDefault encryption engine instructs the server engine to encrypt the table on disk.  Tables with Encrypted checked instructs the server engine to encrypt each block as it is written to disk.  Blocks read will also be decrypted.  The encryption is controlled server side.

Unlike NexusDB V1 which was a very simple protection schema, NexusDB V2 uses strong encryption for tables. This means you have to provide a password for encrypting the table and re-enter it when you want to access a table.  Due to the nature of strong encryptions, a password can not be retrieved again and brute force would be the only way to crack this schema. Take care to remember the password used, otherwise you can not get access to your data anymore.

Leaving the combobox empty means the table will not be encrypted.

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