Q: I'm trying to install (without success) NexusDB as a Service in windows  2003 SBS. The service can be installed but doesn't start. The user doesn't have the   rights for run a service. What now?

Windows 2003 (SBS) is not automatically assigning the "log on as service" right when installed from the API

Probably the easiest way to solve this is:

  • logon as admin
  • go to the services panel
  • open the properties of the NexusDB Server service
  • set the "Logon/Run as" to Local System
  • close the properties
  • reopen it
  • set the "Logon/Run as" to the user and password you want
  • if the user doesn't have the right "log on as service" the system should  assign it automatically.

Alternatively you can assign it on your own in the Domain Controller Group Policy (make sure to not just do this in the local group policy as this gets overridden again by the domain group policy on refresh.

Also make sure that the user has the appropriate rights for accessing the directory, make sure the disk quota is high enough (it's enabled by default in sbs), make sure you've no memory quota enabled, also make sure it has a  dependency on the tcp/ip services if you're using tcp and the first access to  the server can occur before all services are loaded.

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