There are 2 main uses for it:

  • if you are writing multi-threaded code and need a session for a limited time you can setup a TnxSessionPool and inside your threads call TnxSessionPool.AcquireSession, use the returned session as long as you need and later call Session.Release to put it back into the pool.
  • TnxSessionPool, just like TnxSession, implements InxSessionRequests. That interface is required for "remote plugins". Normally you would connect a remote plugin of some kind to a session, and then only call that plugin from the thread that owns the session. If you connect a remote plugin to a session pool it will automatically use a session from the pool for each request, meaning you can now call your plugin from any number of threads at the same time. (Assuming the plugin itself is written in a way that it can handle multi-threaded usage.)
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