This is a web application that implements generic scripts to view, edit, append and delete records from any database / table.

You need at least the attached nxServer public beta 1.5 (hehe) executable to run it.

The code is documented and should be easy to follow.

How to use?: 
  1. Download the attached server (beta 1.5) or use a newer nxserver
  2. Download the project file and unzip it into a directory of your choice
  3. Start nxserver.exe and activate it if it's not already (right-click tray icon, select Start)
  4. Open remote configuration (right-click tray icon, select Config)
  5. Add an alias to a database
  6. In the browser then go to the "Web Applications" (on the left hand pane)
  7. Add a new web application on the port of your choice pointing to the directory chosen above
  8. Set the application to active
  9. Launch the application using for example http:://localhost:90/index.nxscript?DatabaseName=V3Test&TableName=Agents&IndexFieldName=RecordNumber&orderfieldname=LastName,FirstName. Obviously please replace the names used with the ones you want.
Current Version: 
Supported Products: 
NexusDB V3
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