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This is a sample of how to create a user account and then add a privilege.

It has been tested on WinXP SP2 only and only against a local machine, and then only to test the theory.

The basic concept is that there is a delphi(2007) created dll that does the grunt of the work, this is called
from innosetup.

Note, the user will NOT be shown in the Users area of control panel, however if you check CP->Administrative Tools->Local Security Policy->Local Policies->User Rights Assignment you will see that the user has been created and added to the Log on as a service privilege.

Clearly there is still the server to install but I will leave that unless there is a need for a fuller example of that too.

I hope this helps.

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What privileges are required by the new user?


Thank you - I am using Innosetup and have found this very helpful. However, I needed to modify the NexusDB source code in order to get nxServer.exe ( installing as a service with the newly created user account. It would otherwise always start under the local system account.

Be that as it may, I have the following question: Can you please supply a list of required privileges for the new user account - I've found that simply assigning the new account 'log on as a service' rights is not enough. Enterprise Manager cannot 'see' the server, nor can I connect to the server from my client application with both client and server on XP.

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