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I often find that I need to run some SQL to interrogate a customer's database or update it as part of a support issue. I didn't want to install EM on the customer's computers, so I knocked up a script to give a web interface which will let me run the required SQL.

I actually include it as part of my server by amending the supplied header.nxscript thus

<!-- Header and main menu -->

<div id="header">
<ul class="primary-links">
<li>< a href="index.nxscript">Settings</a></li>
<li>< a href="stats.nxscript">Statistics</a></li>
<li>< a href="sql.nxscript">SQL Manager</a></li>

How to use?: 

Just place the sql.nxscript file in the Server's Admin root folder.

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NexusDB V3
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