encrypt table


The NexusDB Professional Edition product is the most advanced SKU level of the NexusDB database products. It includes everything in the Standard Edition, and adds a number of highly secure industry standard data encryption engines. These engines are designed, implemented and documented under contract by highly regarded data security consultant Henrick Hellström of StreamSec HB (http://www.streamsec.com ), a Swedish company specializing in the development of highly secure data encryption. If your customers require the highest levels of data security, this is the product you need.

The Professional Edition contains the following encryption engines:

128- and 256-bit AesCcm engines, which are appropriate for securing live backups.

128- and 256-bit XtsAes engines, which are appropriate for securing live data against theft of hardware.

5 more encryption engines for different security scenarios, plus an assembler-optimized version of the AesCcm encryption engine for high-speed backups. The combined strength of these engines will ensure your security needs are met.

The Professional Edition is delivered with full source code. The Enterprise Manager and nxServer binaries downloaded via the installers already have the appropriate encryption engines compiled in. The engines extend the list of available encryption engines in NexusDB, thus making integration and maintenance of the security pack into existing systems very simple. From a database specific point of view a simple restructure of the tables with the Encryption engine identifier set to one of the new engines will secure the database. For detailed specifications and usage scenarios please check the introduction PDF.

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