Ever noticed your application going slow after running for a longer time? Are you suprised that your application doesn't perform better on a dual processor machine? Trying to squeeze these last 10% performance out of your program?

What you see are the effects of non-optimal memory management of the default memory manager that comes with Delphi and BCB. The Nexus Memory Manager targets exactly these weak points and can make your application run faster, more stable and scale almost linear on multi-processor machines.

But that's not all. The Nexus Memory Manager also comes with a variety of optimized classes and functions for memory access, synchronization, lists, streams, ... All these were written with pure performance in mind and are mostly hand-optimized for different CPU types (automatically recognized at runtime) in assembler to get you the last few percent of speed that you need for your application. Check out the bonus units for a detailed list of included classes and functions.

If you want to find out about the problems and bottlenecks of other memory managers and why the Nexus Memory Manager is the best choice for you, please take a look at the menu buttons on the top..

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