What is the NexusDB ADO.Net Provider?

The NexusDB ADO.Net Provider is a full implementation of the MS ADO.Net Provider interfaces. It allows full ADO.NET compatible access to a NexusDB database by accessing a remote server via the optimized NexusDB transports. The driver is shipped in binary form only.

The provider works with any .Net language and technology (C#, ASP.Net, Delphi Prism, VB.net, ...) at run time and the latest version is fully integrated into Visual Studio 2012/2013/2015. This allows rapid application development using NexusDB without writing a single line of code. Please check the .NET Guide for examples and tips & tricks.

The provider has support for Entity Framework 6 (EF 6.1.2 or newer required).

Plase note that current builds (from 104 onwards) of the ADO Provider can connect to NexusDB Server V3.05 or higher only. Unsupported legacy builds to connect to older servers are available on request.

How to report issues or ask questions

First please review our .NET Guide for how to general help on the usage of ADO.NET data providers. If you still have questions, please use the nexusdb.public.support.dotNetProvider newsgroup at news://news.nexusdb.com, the #NexusDBSupport channel on our IRC server (irc.nexusdb.com) or at the our web forums.


The driver/connector licensing has two parts:

(1) Providing additional connection options to an already existing NexusDB Server installation. As a user/developer in an organization where additional connection options to an existing NexusDB Server are required, the driver/connector license allows you to install the Connector on as many machines / seats as necessary provided these machines are operated within the same company or organisation.

(2) Providing NexusDB database services for applications not constricted by organization (eg, software being sold or otherwise distributed outside a single organization). For applications needing embedded (single user) access, only a Provider license is required. If your software requires Client/Server connectivity, a NexusDB Server Distribution License is required in order to obtain the NexusDB Server distribution package. (This package is implicitly included in the "NexusDB Developer SRC", "NexusDB Developer DCU" and "NexusDB AWE Server" products; if you own any of these, the Server Distribution License is not required.) You can royalty-free redistribute the driver/connector as part of one or more of your products that make explicit use of the Connector. Distribution of the driver/connector on its own is not allowed.

For exact licensing terms please review the attached license document.

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