The NexusDB Server License Plugin

If you would like to be able to:

  • Limit the number of server connections your clients can make
  • Optionally put a time limit (end date) on nxServer accepting connections
  • Let your customer have a visible list of logged in clients

then this plugin is for you. The plugin limits connections by counting the server-side creation of TnxSession proxy objects.

How do I install the Server License Plugin

To add the plugin to nxServer or your own server, add these two units to the .DPR file:

After recompiling with the new units, you will find a new page in the server UI under the "Plugins" node (next to the Server Info Plugin).

To create keys, compile and run the ServerLicense project supplied.

Be aware that the current license key obfusciation is not intended to defeat determined hackers.

We do recommend that the constant used in the function XorAndChecksum (nxslServerLicensePluginCode.pas) is changed from its default value before you start using the plugin.

In order to compile, you will also require the JclMime.pas unit from the JCL library, which can be downloaded here.

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