NexusDB V3 includes some more new features:

  • Tiburon (Delphi 2009) support
  • Bulk index building: this is run automatic for every reindex/pack/restructure and is a major improvement over the old record by record approach.
  • Command line only server: the server can be compiled for command line only by using a compiler switch
  • Backup/Restore command line tools for easy scheduling and calls from file backup utilities
  • AWE server: bulk block loading on empty cache (improves data access times with newly started server)
  • Server and Client units are all tested to readily run on Wine (Linux) & Crossover (MAC)
  • EM: unicode csv import
  • EM: bulk table change feature (eg, add "Modified" datetime field with matching index to all tables in database)
  • EM: named streams management
  • About 70 new source files, more than 200 updated source files with lots and lots of detail improvements.
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