Please note that the old user interface is deprecated as of V3 and service mode is the default run mode of the NexusDB server. While you can still get this user interface by specifying the /INTERACTIVE command line switch we do strongly advice against this run mode especially on Windows Vista and newer machine. On these operating systems, an application only gets a very short time to close down before the OS kills the application. If that happens to a non-failsafe NexusDB server while committing a transaction you WILL get data corruption. Please check the Run NexusDB as service section for the preferred run mode.

The NexusDB Server has a very clear and simple user interface. On the left hand side you find a tree view showing you all server modules that are available on this particular server. There are two main sections: Database Settings, which allows you to change the settings of each module,


and Statistics, which gives you an overview on the workload/status of the different modules.


The items in the tree view are color coded: all activated modules are shown in green in the tree view; all stopped ones orange and inactivate ones red. Black modules are stateless modules that can be changed at any time.

For a better overview and easier reading, the tree view also allows categorizing of items, as you can see in the above example on the Transports node. Click on the usual +/- symbols to expand or collapse a category level in the tree view.

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