NexusDB Event Log component.  Default values are shown in the object inspector snapshot.

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This representation of a log file on disk can be used by most components by setting their EventLog property to this TnxEventLog component.  Be aware of the different units used by CacheLimit (bytes), TruncateSize (kilobytes) and MaxSize (Megabytes).

Key Properties


Boolean value which turns the Cache on/off.  If enabled this will significantly improve performance.  However, if enabled and the server crashes, all entries in the cache will be lost.


Size, in bytes, of the cache.


Output filename for the Event Log.  If blank, no logging is performed.


Maximum size, in Mbytes, of the log file.  When the file reaches MaxSize, it is truncated to TruncateSize.  Truncation keeps the most recent entries in the log file.


Size of the truncated log file, in Kbytes, when MaxSize is reached.


The logging process, depending on the component being logged, writes messages and binary data.  WriteBlockData controls whether or not the binary data is written to the log file.  For most purposes the binary data is not needed.  Recommended for advanced users only.

Please also see Common Properties and Events for more details.

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