Version 1 tables can be directly used in v3. The first time that you pack or restructure a v1 table it will be converted into v3 format. After that only a v3 server engine can still open the table files.

There is an exception to the above: to adhere to SQL standard, some field and tablename characters that were allowed in v1 is no longer allowed. It is recommended that you try opening your v1 tables with the v3 binaries; if this brings up naming errors, you need to use the v1 binaries to correct the names.

If you have code accessing the data dictionary, note that the structure has been extended. In most cases, where you previously used the DataDictionary property, you should now use the TableDescriptor property (the original property is renamed _DataDictionary to ensure usage can be evaluated).

The COM transports are deprecated, TnxSharedMemoryTransport has been created to replace them for single machine usage.

The SQL engine now adheres closely to the SQL-2003 standard. Some queries will need to be changed to conform with this. Among other things, there are stricter naming rules for objects and stricter type checking in comparisons. See the separate SQL reference for syntax details.

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