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Welcome to the NexusDB Wiki

DISCLAIMER: This Wiki is hosted on Nexus Database Systems Pty Ltd servers. The content within is provided by users for users and as such is not in any way official information provided by any representative of Nexus Database Systems Pty Ltd. If you are looking for official support, please use one of the contact possibilities provided on the NexusDB website.

Nexus Database Systems Pty Ltd reserves the right

  • to remove any entries it considers unsuitable, offending or damaging
  • to disallow any user to use this service
  • to stop this service at any time, if they wish to so.
  • to use copies of content of this service in its official documentation and/or support.

Please make this a nice place and resource for everyone using NexusDB. Thanks!

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.